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    Welcome to ActivCare™ Direct

    A Confidential Prescription Dispensing Service from ActivHeal® Advanced Wound Care Dressings

    This site is for Health Care Professionals.

    Removing Stress

    ActivCare™ Direct is a convenient and confidential prescription dispensing service from ActivHeal® advanced wound care dressings.

    We deliver ActivHeal® prescription products along with normal saline and Dressit® kits (dressing packs) direct to your patients door. We can also deliver any complementary products required including, but not limited to retention, compression, debridement, superabsorbents. The delivery comes with everything needed for the next dressing change performed either by their Health Care Professional or where assessed to be appropriate by themselves or a family member / carer supported by their Health Care Professional.

    Removing stress and saving time

    ActivCare™ Direct removes the need for having to collect or arrange delivery of prescriptions from pharmacy. Products are delivered discreetly direct to your patient’s door.

    ActivCare™ Direct offers safe and convenient delivery of ActivHeal® advanced wound care dressings along with complementary products, allowing Health
    Care Professionals to facilitate supported self-management where appropriate in a community setting.

    Welcome to your prescription service

    ActivCare™ Direct is a FREE Home Delivery service provided by ActivHeal®. Delivery is free of charge. Only the prescription fee is payable (applies to England only) unless patients are exempt.

    Prescribed items are free of charge for patients over 60 or aged between 18-60 and have a valid reason for exemption. (A full list of exemptions can be found on the NHS website). If patients pay for their prescribed items, then ActivCare™ Direct will request payment from them which can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

    ActivCare™ Direct delivers ActivHeal® advanced wound care dressings and complementary products in plain discreet packaging and will deliver to your patient’s home or to an alternative address of your choice within mainland England, Scotland & Wales.

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